Friday, January 6, 2012

How you know about J lo perfume

J Lo Deseo Deseo by Jennifer Lopez was made together with givaudan cologners. This perfume is encouraged by nocturnal enter your backyard, its content has a mix of bamboo bed sheets foliage, yard yuzu, sicilian bergamot and fresia. Midst paperwork are legend jasmine, green geranium bloom, red flower and this particular language mimosa. The finish starting paperwork incorporate hot silpada, maple moss, yellow sandalwood, patchouli as well as atlas cedarwood.

J lo perfume Are living Live and eat Jennifer Lopez could be the up of J Lo smells. Presented in 2005, are living is often a lovely mix of red, fruit, blueberry,peony, purple, caramel,vanilla flavoring, tonka pinto beans and yellow sandalwood.

J Lo Are living Luxe Are living Luxe by Jennifer Lopez has been around since 2006 as being a girl smell. Prime paperwork incorporate apple, pear then joining together into freesia, honeysuckle and muguet. Finish using silpada, musk, yellow sandalwood and vanilla flavoring.

J Lo Even now Even now cologne by j lo perfume will be as sexual as sable around blank skin color, as fine as green silk, in addition to being stimulating as being a 1st sip trunks of sparkling wine joining together welfare, bright spice up, mandarin, earl off white, green freesia, honeysuckle, red bloom, went up by, untamed jasmine, yellow sandalwood, musks, silpadas, and orris.
Las vegas Light Hot, scorching Las vegas Light could be the hottest Jennifer Lopez perfume. A desirable mix of love berries, avocado, red bloom, sunbathed yellow sand, silpada, musk and vanilla flavoring give its it sultry smell any season.

Enjoy to start with Light Enjoy to start with Light This interesting perfume is made by Jennifer Lopez, in 2006. Its hot smell involves a variety of french bergamot, atlanta apple, osmanthus, green jasmine, untamed went up by, freesia, red woodlands, musk, and vanilla flavoring overall. This amazing cologne will make an incredible surprise for virtually any situation.